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Don't miss our companion Baby & Me Meal Plan!

Only $23!
You get:
  • - 35 easy, healthy recipes for the whole family including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

- Descriptions AND visuals to show you how to modify and serve the recipes for several different age groups.

- Meal prep strategies and grocery lists to help you get meals on the table in less than 30 minutes.

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Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation$99

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What You'll Learn:
Instantly access the on-demand video training and resources inside the program to learn...  

parent-tested hacks for handling the mealtime mess
✔️ ideas for modeling safe mealtime expectations for all ages
✔️ how to spot the difference between choking and gagging
✔️ ways to identify your baby’s developmental readiness
✔️ answers to the common “Is this normal?” questions
✔️ how to tell it’s time to increase the number of meals
✔️ tips for prepping meals filled with the nutrients baby needs
✔️ how to end choking, gagging, and allergy worries
✔️ when and how much breastmilk or formula to provide

...and much, much more.

“This course takes the anxiety out of starting solids with your little one…”

I highly recommend Starting Solids to new parents. It takes the anxiety out of starting solids with your little one and gives you confidence to let them take the lead in trying new foods.

Mom to a 10-month old

“Being reminded of the wide range of normal eased so many fears!”

I am so much less anxious than I was before! The course gave me recipe ideas, food suggestions, serving suggestions PLUS a general philosophy of how to feed my kid. I am so much more at ease when feeding him! H. is trying new foods all the time!

Mom to a 9-month Old